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Whether its scaling a startup idea, expanding an existing business or penetrating new market/ geographies, Arete Ventures has helped many businesses in USA, Australia, Europe and India maximize its business potential through cutting edge business development strategies inclusive of social and digital media outreach. 

Developing these uniquely crafted strategies entails a multi layered assessment approach like understanding business model, market landscape, existing customers, current brand value and pricing strategies. Post assessment, we develop tailor made customer targeting strategy leveraging upon our proprietary advanced data analytics, competitors pricing and other research insights that help you distinctly understand customer needs.

Dynamic pricing strategy is then formulated based on market data driven strategy which potentially enhances profit margins and revenues both while optimizing the cost of customer acquisition and increasing customer base as well. 

Integrating innovative sales & marketing methodologies with powerful data analytics and advanced digital marketing strategies has assisted many of our customers across the globe increase their profit margins.   

We recently developed and executed business development strategy for a reputed North American chemical company to penetrate the Indian market. They realized 18% higher net profit margins in Indian market than rest of the world region with a long term customer base and sustainable growth for coming years.

Our key focus areas 

  • Developing New Markets / Territories

  • Brand Strategy

  • Pricing Strategy

  • Customer Experience & Life Cycle Management

  • Market & Consumer Insights

  • New product & service development

  • Digital Marketing

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With more than 15 years of international experience, Arete Ventures understands the needs of our customers - from investors looking to invest in businesses to entrepreneurs and leaders looking to create winning growth strategies. We have been globally successful in  creating competitive opportunities while enhancing enterprise value and executing the developed strategies as well 


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