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Arete Ventures is a recognized executive search leader in data science recruitment owing to its large scale strategy consulting expertise with startups and corporates in Deep Tech, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning companies in USA & Europe.


Actionable insights generated from the data mining and analytics is helping spot new trends, identify opportunities, understand consumer behavior or spending, improve operations, reduce corporate expenses, and help with commercialization of Deep Tech like AI & Machine Learning even more faster. Data Science & Analytics are undoubtedly the fastest growing streams with tremendous demand from healthcare, finance, IT manufacturing & engineering companies.

A March 2021 report from Boston Consulting Group states that Indian Fintech companies are expected to be valued at $160 billion market by 2025, nearly triple its current valuation citing immense growth opportunities in digital payments and tech sectors. India currently has more than 1900 Fintech companies, majority of which have been formed in the last 3- 4 years due to government’s strong digitalization initiatives. Nearly 7 of them have already achieved unicorn status and India surpassed China in FinTech investments post 2020.

We are one of the leading fintech executive search firms in India having helped numerous fintech companies with their critical fintech recruitment assignments. Arete’s FinTech practice continues to assist several fintech companies in development, operations, payment gateways and transaction as well as blockchain and AI integrations. Mumbai and Bengaluru remain the top destinations for FinTech companies and our fintech specialist recruiters have talent pool of excellent candidates that have dynamic work experience with top fintech firms in India, USA or Europe regions.


We understand the technical complexities as well as the very nature of evolving skill sets in recruiting the high demand data scientist and data analyst roles. Our excellent database of top data analysts and data science candidates that are currently working with domestic and international technology companies is unparalleled for a data science recruitment firm in Indian markets.  Candidates not only have excellent work experience but have graduated from finest schools in India, USA, UK & Europe.


Our data science & analytics executive search specialists have successfully closed various positions for Healthcare, EdTech, FinTech, Digital Payments & Consulting Firms.


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