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Arete’s retained executive search team specializes in Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector and have engaged with some of the most reputed companies in this industry. More than a decade of industry specific consulting experience, niche database of professional executives and proven research expertize helps identify accomplished talents that competitors may not be able to source.  We have worked with FMCG, Lifestyle & Consumer Retail companies of all kinds – from innovative VC/PE backed startups to medium and large scale enterprises.


Our client driven retained search follows a multi layered executive recruitment strategy that is globally proven in ensuring that an excellent candidate is hired. One that is a great cultural fit for the organization as well as competitive in accelerating business growth and other key metrics to substantiate their performance and contribution to the organization. Our subject matter experts in consumer goods & retail practice constantly research and sharpen their knowledge on emerging trends, newly launched products, consumer patterns & preferences, competitive intelligence, fastest growing startups, top leading businesses and world class leaders in this sector that are innovating and scaling businesses to new heights.


As of 2021, FMCG is India’s fourth largest sector with household and personal care products accounting for nearly 50% of the sales. Allowing 100% Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in food processing and single brand and 51% in multi brand is providing more impetus to the growth and employment opportunities it will generate in the coming decade. An interesting trend that has evolved in Indian FMCG space is the future growth coming from rural areas instead of urban cities. Internet access and smartphones are encouraging consumers in rural areas. FMCG sales in rural areas outperformed urban markets in 2020 and are expected to touch $220 billion in rural sales by 2025. With nearly 40% of this $220 billion sale estimated to come from online digital platforms, reputed FMCG companies are now building management and leadership teams to create business strategy for rural markets distinct from urban markets.


Consumer preferences in the recent past have significantly changed the consumer retail landscape giving a stronger push to E-commerce business. Our FMCG & E- Commerce practice group has helped recruit successful leadership, operations, and business management teams for traditional consumer product businesses with proven experience in digital marketing and e-commerce business strategies to cater to rising consumer demand.


Our executive recruiters and practice heads understand the e-commerce industry exceptionally well. Building an e-commerce platform from scratch to working with aggregators, cross border or third party merchant platforms, we have assisted many first time businesses build successful teams in digital marketing & e-commerce expansion with immense cost savings as well as mitigating the chances of first time failures.

FMCG Executive Search



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