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Help investors & corporate leaders navigate the future of automotive industry across value chain, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, mobility services and digital transformation.

Transition. Transform. Thrive

Since 2020, Automotive industry globally has experienced challenging and an equally exciting period of innovation as well as evolving consumer demand. While Covid 19 & Ukraine crisis impacted supply chain, semiconductor chip shortage and rising inflationary costs, breakthroughs in self driving cars, electric vehicles (EV) and shared mobility spaces are creating unprecedent opportunities alongside slowly bringing a permanent change the transportation sector. Advanced digital technologies like AI and Data Analytics have further increased the growth and profitability potential for automobile companies.

Our automotive consulting experts work closely with vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, lithium/sodium ion battery manufacturers (gigafactory), critical minerals refining, technology and mobility companies. We develop investment or business strategies that keeps you ahead of the competition, drives robust growth and profit margins amidst the unprecedented transformations rapidly happening in this space. Our experts have assisted R&D heads in incorporating new technologies that improve the manufacturing efficiencies or expanding into mobility services and other businesses that can add incremental revenues as well as profit margins.




  • Cost optimization for an OEM supplier

  • Investment strategy in mobility startups & autonomous vehicles space

  • Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) impact on Electric Vehicles & Critical Minerals

  • Investment strategy for Lithium Ion (LiB) & Sodium Ion Battery (SIB) Producers

  • Technical Due Diligence on Green Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Manufacturers


  • Investments & M&A

  • Portfolio Value Creation

  • Transformation & Cost Optimization

  • Technology Due Diligence

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