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Our practice areas stem not just from our in depth investment consulting services to financial firms and corporate businesses but have its roots in practical experience in various sectors like Fossil & Renewable Energy, Chemical, Life Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Nano Biosciences, FinTech, FMCG and EduTech sectors. Principal at Arete Ventures have strategic experience working with investment firms for investment research, M&A, Business Turnaround or raising capital for startups and corporates.  

Private equity consulting practice in India continues to assist buy side private equity firms in California, rest of USA, Europe & Asia Pacific (APAC) with transactions up to $100 million ticket sizes. From conducting due diligence on a potential investment, buying foreclosed assets to developing tactical strategies in improving the profitability of an operating business by creating a business turnaround plan, we help in spotting lucrative opportunities across the world and in various sectors that otherwise could go unnoticed.

As one of the successful and result driven venture capital consultants in India, Arete Venture Capital team consults and advises VCs as well as startups and seed funded businesses in Silicon Valley, Singapore, Europe, and Asia. Our operational expertise and equity experience in Silicon Valley significantly helps investment firms in improving the odds of success with every startup they invest in.



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Arete Venture Capital group has successfully consulted numerous startups, incubators and accelerators in areas of investors presentations, pitch deck, negotiating term sheets, business plan, refining financial projections, income model, product pricing, business development and go to market strategies. We continue to consult several startups in FinTech, SaaS/ Cloud services, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Supply Chain, Biotech & Life Sciences, Biofuels, Food & Beverage and FMCG sectors across USA, Europe & APAC region.


As one of the top strategy consulting firms in India and USA, Arete Ventures is a leading merger & acquisitions (M&A) advisor to investment firms, small scale as well as medium scale businesses. Our M&A practice areas focus on valuations, growth, exit strategies, corporate spin offs/ split offs, Employee stock options plan (ESOPs) and strategic alliances. Our international advisory expertise from San Francisco & Mumbai offices serves clients largely in USA & Europe for last 15 years in areas of corporate strategy, business model transformation and digital strategy.

"By generating actionable insights and accurate forecasts, we augment conviction levels of our clients to take investment or business decisions with higher degree of confidence"

As a leading management consulting firm in Mumbai, Arete Ventures has the capabilities and expertise to take your investment to the next level. Management consulting is often a function of augmenting human capital in various aspects like operations advisory, financial advisory, technology consulting and other business growth strategies. In a post Covid economy, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Digital Transformation & Business Automation are likely to play a key role in growing the business as well as expanding new horizons of growth and investments. Our Data Science & Digital Transformation advisors have helped many financial, investment and fintech companies in America gain competitive edge and provide a better customer experience through enhanced understanding of customer’s preferences and behavioral patterns. 

Organizational excellence hinges a lot upon continued competitiveness, improving margins, international supply chain, value created for shareholders, business and operational efficiencies. More than a decade of exceptional experience in various sectors has equipped us with deep industry knowledge in providing boutique performance improvement strategies for our clients in various technology as well as industry sectors. 

Our investment research, strategy & management consulting services have delivered superior returns through our broad and deep industry expertize across the world providing fast and efficient deliverables that can be quantified in short and long run both. At Arete Ventures, we combine our insights and skills to transform your valuable investment into a profitable and growing venture. We are proud to have achieved high returns on our client’s investments and businesses that have consistently matched if not exceeded their expectations.


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Where you will find the same quality of service and dedication around the world



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