Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Globally ranked third in renewable energy production and consumption, sustainable energy demand is tremendously rising in India due to aggressive government policies and mandates to reduce carbon emissions by 30% by 2030. As of 2021, renewable energy generates nearly 25% of total energy demand in India with wind, solar and biofuels contributing a large share of clean energy generation.


Energy sector is undergoing rapid transformation due to rising energy consumption as well as demand for clean energy from citizens globally. Government agencies and charter bodies are increasingly pushing for alternative forms of energy or renewable energy as a source to mitigate climate change, global warming and environmental risks.


Since inception, Renewable Energy consulting & recruitment has been at the core of our company. Arete Ventures is one of the best renewable energy executive search firms with a global outreach in this space. Our expertise includes senior and c-level recruitments in Biofuels like Biodiesel, Cellulosic Ethanol, Renewable Diesel or Green Diesel, Algae biofuels, Wind, Solar, Fuel Cells, Hydrogen, Electric Vehicles, Biomass to Energy, Biochemicals, Bioplastics (PHA/PLA) and Biodegradable Materials or Boxes.


Our renewable energy recruitment practice is unique not just because of the successful recruitment assignments we have undertaken but also deep subject matter expertise. Principal at Arete Ventures possess 6 USPTO patents pertaining to renewable fuels along with 15+ years of experience in managing large scale biofuel refineries in USA & Europe as C-Level executive. It is this unique and rare expertize in renewable energy and products arena that makes us one of the top renewable energy executive search firms in India & USA both. We continually work with finest startups, large scale renewable or clean tech companies and investment firms across North America & Europe. Our niche consulting areas involve M&A, Technology Due Diligence, Future Outlook, Carbon Credits/LCFS/RINs, Government policies and emerging next gen technologies using green chemistry principles.


Besides Biofuels, we have consulted to several biochemical, bioplastics and renewable sciences companies for growth and strategy consulting including technology feasibility, scale up and pricing strategies. Some of the finest investment management, venture capital and private equity firms in silicon valley and wall street regularly consult us for our cutting edge research and deep industry knowledge in renewable fuels, biochemicals and clean energy sectors.


Demand for talent management and recruitment solutions in renewable energy space is growing rapidly. Companies are building talent pool and developing leaders today to meet the future clean energy demand that is dynamically evolving due to emerging technologies, energy storage and improving operational efficiencies. Our retained search partners closely follow global investment trends in alternative energy space, emerging technologies, government policies & subsidies while networking with world class successful leaders that are taking the businesses to next level. Arete’s Renewables & Clean Tech executive search experts have extensive international talent acquisition experience in building C-Level executive teams that can propel growth and success for your green energy venture.


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