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Strategy Consulting

We help institutions make better decisions and stay competitive. By providing an expert perspective, we identify areas of improvement and recommend solutions that investors or companies may not have considered on their own.

Strategy Consulting Firms

Strategy 2.0

Growth, Corporate & Business Strategy

"Rapidly rising digital economy coupled with transformation initiatives dictates a new strategic approach beyond the conventional norm. Strategy 2.0 has evolved, amplifying the growth potential more than before."

With 17+ years of strategy excellence in consulting decision makers and senior executive leaders, Arete Ventures is one of the best strategy consulting firms creating exceptional value and profitable growth . Our strategy consultants in San Francisco, London & Mumbai have helped investment firms and corporates globally across all major sectors in corporate, growth & business strategies that maximize shareholder returns thus preventing shareholder activist attacks. 

Arete’s strategy consulting approach factors in several key components, including:

  1. Identifying and analyzing the client's current situation and goals. This involves assessing the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, as well as understanding the competitive landscape and key industry trends.

  2. Developing a validated strategy that aligns with the client's goals and addresses any identified issues or opportunities. This includes setting specific and measurable objectives, and identifying the key initiatives or actions needed to achieve those objectives.

  3. Implementing the strategic plan and ensuring that it is executed effectively. We work with the client to develop an action plan, tracking progress, and making adjustments as needed, and providing ongoing support and guidance to ensure success.


Post COVID-19, global economies are transforming due to a systemic change in consumer preferences and lifestyles – some of which are likely to stay forever. Redefined consumer spending presents a problem as well as an opportunity for businesses that now need meticulous strategy planning and implementation. 

Strategy that reflects twenty first century metrics of agility, data driven decision making and business model transformations incorporating digital roadmap is critical to sustainable growth for a company. Cross cultural expertise combined with successful experience across major sectors has equipped us with proprietary data that can be quickly leveraged in accelerating the decision making process. As one of the leading business strategy consulting firms, our strategy experts are senior partners that have previously served in a senior leadership role with top businesses or investment firms in US & Europe. We have consistently delivered superior returns in areas of growth, profitability, investments, and technology transformation that creates higher enterprise values.

Strategy Consulting Services

Below is how we help our clients with some of the proven strategy solutions across leading sectors

Business Strategy

Helping private equity firms with value creation strategies of their portfolio companies through growth or operational improvements and create winning business strategies beyond the reach of competition. From value enhancers to pricing strategies or channel strategies, our business strategy consultants possess world class capabilities and proprietary tools to generate incredible returns and enterprise values for our clients. Re-imagine your business models and develop new revenue streams to stay competitive.

Corporate Strategy

As one of the boutique corporate strategy consulting firms, we reinvigorate company focus by examining intrinsic strengths to deliver organic growth and viability for years to come. Arete's corporate strategy experts have successfully created and implemented several corporate strategies involving redesigning operating models, processes, and performance improvement plans.


Re-define corporate finance strategy to maximize shareholder returns, prevent activist investors, build M&A capabilities , business turnaround of specific business units, create corporate spin offs or corporate split offs as and when needed.

Growth Strategy

We help you discover thoroughly vetted strategic growth initiatives that could potentially stem from competitive intelligence, prior failures, potential ideas within the teams or that are adoptable from competitor’s strategy. Creatively analyze customers current and future needs, M & A prospects, strategic alliances, outsourcing or joint ventures that can save costs and mitigate risks. We further help identify new markets, develop go-to-market strategies, and implement tactics for driving growth.

New Product or Service Development

Avoiding product launch failures and losses thereof by inventing strategies for new product launch with a customer centric focus on their realized and unrealized needs. We execute the strategies by deeply understanding the markets and competition, while keeping a strong focus on profit margins, efficiencies and exploring untapped potential opportunities.

Sustainability & ESG

We assist private equity and other investment firms identify and manage potential ESG risks and opportunities associated with their investments. Our ESG experts help develop sustainable business practices and integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into their overall strategy. Carbon footprint (ESG softwares), carbon credits,green finance or ESG bonds – we cover it all.

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