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With 15+ years of international strategy excellence in consulting decision makers and senior executives, Arete Ventures is one of the leading strategy consulting firms for multinational corporations (MNC) and financial institutions.


Our strategy consulting teams are based out in San Francisco & Mumbai primarily serving investment banks, private equity & venture capital firms as well as medium and large scale businesses.

Our actionable insights lead to tailor made strategic management plan that are specific to company’s objectives, regional geographies, and competitive landscape. Post COVID-19, economies in developing as well as developed nations are transforming due to a systemic change in consumer preferences and lifestyles – some of which are likely to stay forever. Redefined consumer spending presents a problem as well as an opportunity for businesses that now need meticulous strategy planning and implementation. Strategy that reflects twenty first century metrics of agility, data driven decision making and business model transformations incorporating digital roadmap is critical to sustainable growth for a company.


Decades of niche experience across traditional and emerging sectors has equipped us with proprietary data that can be quickly leveraged by institutions and businesses thus accelerating the decision making process with higher degree of conviction leading to better outcomes. Additionally, by providing clients with unique cross-cultural expertise that forms a key in capturing market share that today’s growth strategy often dictates, it is what differentiates Arete ventures from other strategy consulting firms in India and US.


Few business consulting firms in mid-market space can confidently provide validated growth, digital or sales strategies that can be quickly executed anywhere across the globe. Our dynamic group of strategy consultants are led by partners that have previously served as CEOs, Board of advisors, CFOs, and Senior Partners in top businesses and financial institutions in US, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

"Rapidly rising digital economy in an era of globalization coupled with digital transformation initiatives dictates new strategic approach beyond the conventional norm. Strategy 2.0 has evolved, amplifying the growth potential more than before."

Arete strategy consultants have consistently delivered exceptional results for our clients in areas of growth, profitability, developing new markets, identifying new business opportunities and innovation. Deeper insights combined with proprietary data analytics enhances the growth for our clients. 


21st century growth opportunities in local and global markets have evolved in myriad of ways beyond the conventional business or corporate strategies. Whether launching innovative products or new age services like SaaS, iPaaS, Cloud Enterprise, Microfinance, Crowdfunding, P2P lending etc. to entering new sectors or geographies, business leaders need actionable insights incorporating data mining, proprietary research, and growth trends. We enable key decision makers take informed decisions in a short span of time while astutely working with their internal teams to execute these quantifiable strategies and achieve desired results.


Our dedicated business, growth or digital strategy teams are well experienced in curating strategies for establishing new trends or improvise upon an existing one Thus, helping our elite clients maintain a competitive edge regardless of the market dynamics or business landscape of targeted geographies.


From identifying growth opportunities, enhancing enterprise values, acquiring businesses in existing or new sectors, to strategic alliances, and joint ventures, we create excellent road maps that are entirely custom made and backed by proven expertise and domain knowledge.

"Our strategy consulting experts curate game changing strategies, plan and implement them to perfection for the businesses or investment firms we work for"



Investment Strategy

Helped an US investment firm research & strategize investment opportunities in supercomputing space in US, Europe & Asian markets