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Mergers & Acquisitions

Creating real M&A values leveraging our industry expertise, integration synergies and proven due diligence strategies - without a bias and inclusive of operating as well as distressed (chapter 11) assets

Buy Side M&A 

Planning | Due Diligence | Post Merger Integration (PMI)

With a competitive track record amongst buy-side M&A firms, Arete’s M&A team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping investment firms and companies in navigating the complex process of buying, selling, or merging with other businesses. We create real M&A values by assessing acquisition rationale, business fit, and post integration synergies without biases of any kind which has been one of the key causes of why M&A deals don’t yield the returns that it otherwise should have. Our pre and post M&A buy side advisory services emphasize on strategic acquisitions, accelerating growth and enhancing valuations.

Principal at Arete Ventures have directly worked at private equity firms in San Francisco for 15 years and created alpha from acquisitions in US & Europe. As one of the boutique mergers and acquisitions consulting firms, our global experience includes buying operating or foreclosed assets (chapter 11), planning and implementing business turnaround strategies with a focus on free cash flow generation leading to significant enterprise value creation with well-planned exit strategies.


Arete M&A advisors have the proven capabilities and expertise with buy side investment transactions to take your investment to the next level. Our mergers and acquisitions consultants combine deep industry insights, due diligence, and transactional experience to transform your valuable investment into a profitable venture thriving on robust growth.  Through vast operational improvement experience with operating or non-operating assets, our m&a services have improved the returns on our client’s investments in a short amount of time.


Strategic experience in buying distressed businesses from US banks or courts and subsequently turning it around through custom made business strategies has helped create good value proposition for clients and competitively differentiates us from some of the best M&A advisory firms out there. Quantifiable operational and financial strategies that are diligently created and executed by us have created lucrative enterprise values for stakeholders by converting an idle asset into a cash flow positive business with sustainable profit margins.


M&A transactions being a critical part of any company's growth strategy and future value drivers, our M&A advisory services are tailor made to ensure that our clients are able to make informed decisions and achieve their desired outcomes.


 Our M&A consulting services include:

  • Strategic Planning: We begin by working with our clients to identify potential targets and assess the potential benefits and risks of a merger or acquisition. Using proprietary data analytics, we conduct investment research, business intelligence, and financial modeling to help clients make informed decisions.


  • Due Diligence: Once a target is identified, we assist with the due diligence process. This includes conducting financial analysis, company’s competitive positioning in the target market, cost optimization, discovering untapped opportunities, synergistic partnerships/alliances and identifying potential issues that could impact the deal.

  • Negotiation Support: We provide support during the negotiation process by drafting and reviewing legal documents, assisting with deal structuring and financing, and providing guidance on regulatory approvals.

  • Post-Merger Integration: We assist with the integration process by assisting with organizational design, strategic turnaround management, implementing new systems and processes, and managing cultural integration to ensure a smooth transition and long-term success. 


With a deeper understanding and experience of business valuations, corporate divestitures like spin offs or split offs, buy outs, strategic turnaround and accelerating growth, team remains deeply committed to the success of your M&A objective. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with our clients and being a trusted advisor throughout the M&A process.

Our experts possess deeper understanding of the M&A process and the unique challenges that companies face during mergers or acquisitions. We work closely to understand your specific needs and curate customized solutions that are measurable and achievable as well.

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