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Digitally inclusive society combined with corporate digital transformation initiatives is disrupting the role of a financial services leader or an expert. How they lead the organization by going beyond the traditional job of a CFO, Controller or Risk management is of importance in a globalization centric business focus that has now evolved due to increasing digital technologies that’s making it easier to enter global markets for more opportunities.


This is leading clients in niche financial sectors to turn towards a dedicated retained executive search firm like us. Arete’s senior executive search team has advised many financial services companies in USA, Europe & Asia in recruiting extraordinarily successful and dynamic C level leaders for positions like CXO, CFO, VP, SVP, Buy Side Fund Managers, VP Fund Controllers, VP Treasury and related.


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Arete is perhaps one of the rare consulting organizations that not only has international private equity recruiting experience but also has practical buy as well as sell side business experience with PE firms in USA. Private Equity jobs are one of the most sought after for career seekers from Ivy league and other reputed B school alumni across the globe. At the same time, Private equity firms are aggressive in value creation and delivering high IRR returns in shorter timeframes (4-5 years) to the participating investors.

Qualified candidates need a very deep investment, performance improvement or operational experience in various sectors to be able to drive the PE deals with a larger degree of success. By helping build leadership teams at the PE firm as well as their portfolio companies, our private equity head hunters have gained not only deep sector experience but also valuable professional connections in the global markets. As a private equity search firm, our executive recruiters are extremely well qualified leadership hiring professionals that can spot these phenomenal talents possessing superior personality characteristics as well as have strong value creation experience across diverse sectors.

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Executive Search Venture Capital

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Since inception, Arete’s highly specialized venture capital recruiters have placed greater emphasis on scouting for high  performing investment professionals from investment sector. Our continued success in placing top investment professionals globally has resulted in vast talent pool across key global geographies as well as long standing venture capital firms that have entrusted us for many years to fill positions.


Our venture capital headhunters channelize our search to incorporate innovative pre-screen criteria which are designed to save you time while ensuring that they are fit from skills as well as work culture perspective. While we place best talent to the venture capital firms, we have also conducted executive recruitment assignments for numerous ventured funded and high growth portfolio companies backed by venture capital clients.

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Hedge Funds Executive Search

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)                       Quantitative Finance                         Algorithmic Trading

Introduced in 2012 by Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI), hedge funds are categorized under Alternative Investment Funds (AIF CAT III). Hedge Fund Industry has grown significantly and so have the complexities of trading due to volatility, evolving trading strategies like Long/Short, Market Neutral, Arbitrage and Event/Market Driven to name a few. About 45% of daily turnover on National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) is done through algorithmic trading which is a key component of domestic or offshore Hedge Funds to generate better alpha for their investors.

In order to maintain and generate higher fund returns than competition in this fiercely dynamic stock markets, it is important to have hedge fund executive recruiters that specialize in this niche domain and understand the specifics of these extremely critical positions. Arete Ventures specializes in hedge fund executive search and has successfully closed senior positions including coveted roles. We understand the Indian & USA hedge fund industry and position specifics well enough to help you bring you the top performing investment or buy side fund managers from anywhere in the world. Our qualified hedge fund executive headhunters have closed various quantitative finance (using R, Python) and algo trading positions. These top performing candidates have optimized various trading models with a focus on sharpe ratio, minimizing drawdowns and other critical factors.

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