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Delivering exceptional investment returns & actionable insights in renewable energy, advanced biofuels, carbon credits, green hydrogen, carbon capture & storage (CCS), direct air capture (DAC) & biobased materials

Net Zero. Sustainable Investing. Climate Change

With 17 years of hands on private equity investments and commercial operations experience in US Renewable Energy, Arete is one of the rare green energy consulting firms with deep expertise in areas of sustainability, climate tech & renewable energy.

Europe’s Fit for 55 plan followed by US 2030 & 2050 decarbonization goals have created an accelerated demand for negative emission technologies, regenerative agriculture, advanced biofuels & renewable hydrocarbons like green hydrogen, bio ethylene, PHA bioplastics & other platform chemicals that can be produced from biomass, municipal solid waste or carbon dioxide while creating a robust market for mandatory as well as voluntary carbon markets (VCM). With US Securities & Exchange Commission now gearing up for mandatory disclosures of GHG emissions starting from 2024, sustainability & ESG softwares (carbon accounting) for evaluating the scope 1, scope 2 and even scope 3 are going to play an integral role in calculating carbon footprint of the organization as well as for sustainable financing like green bonds or ESG bonds. 

Arete’s decarbonization consulting experts have assisted senior leaders across major sectors in developing viable Net Zero Strategy that boosted growth and profit margins both thus preventing an otherwise expensive transition to climate change goals. For more than a decade now, we have advised several asset managers, venture capital, hedge funds and private equity firms creating high IRR driven superior investment opportunities across sustainable aviation fuels (SAF), carbon capture (CCS), direct air capture (DAC), biomethane/ renewable natural gas (RNG), nuclear hydrogen, biochar, energy storage utilizing raw materials like carbon dioxide, biomass, forestry residues, algae, municipal solid waste, and other waste feedstocks.

Proprietary insights developed during due diligence for private investment firms with next gen intricate renewable energy technologies like Hydrothermal carbonization, Pyrolysis, Gasification, Fischer Tropsch, Alcohol to Jet (AtJ) and Electrofuels (e fuels) strengthened their portfolio investment strategy and later on generated significant enterprise values with curated business strategies for growth and expansion.



  • Carbon Footprint (GHG emissions) & Net Zero Strategy for a corporate MNC

  • Investment advisory & business landscape in Carbon Capture & Nuclear Hydrogen

  • Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) impact on Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), Green Hydrogen (H2) & Direct Air Capture

  • Investment strategy & Due Diligence in Advanced Biofuels space

  • Portfolio strategy in Agri Tech & Climate Tech Sector

  • M&A in Climate Risk Analytics & Carbon offsets (VCM) businesses for an investment firm.


  • Sustainable Investing & M&A

  • Portfolio Value Creation

  • Business Strategy

  • ESG Sustainability & GHG Emissions Softwares

  • Carbon Credits (RINs, LCFS, RGGI, CCA, VCM & EU MTS)

  • Technology & Commercial Due Diligence

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