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Life Sciences


M&A, growth and corporate strategy across life sciences, pharma, healthcare and MedTech

Advances in innovation combined with digital transformation mandate new business models for life science companies that can continuously adapt to the shifting market dynamics. Regulatory shifts and pricing pressure in US Pharma, MedTech & Biotech companies as we witnessed 2022 quarterly earnings further creates a need to reshape corporate and growth strategies. Arete’s life sciences consulting experts have curated as well as executed various investment and corporate strategies aligning with your priorities while capitalizing on the new market opportunities.

Consumer preferences are increasingly moving towards prevention instead of treatment- this is reshaping healthcare and MedTech space by creating new opportunities leveraging continuous monitoring systems with always on sensors like continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGM) and other devices.  Digital advancements like artificial intelligence, cloud storage and quantum computing are creating value opportunities for MedTech (expected to be a $400 Billion market in US by 2030) companies to integrate software component with their existing hardware or medical devices. Leveraging the data collected from these data analytics driven hardware can be valuable for both companies as well as consumers. It potentially reduces future medical costs, improves patient health and helps doctors quickly diagnose the issue based on constant data flow from these calibrated devices – thus creating a competitive value proposition for both sides. Bigger market potential lies for novel medical devices requiring US FDA pre-market approval (PMA) instead of 510K pathways even though PMA approval costs and timeline are much higher than 510K regulatory process 

From leveraging quantum computing & artificial intelligence for drug discovery or cell and gene therapy (CGT) across biopharma, life sciences in research and development to corporate strategies, business transformation, growth, and profitable turnarounds – we can leverage



  • Turnaround for biotech company

  • Business transformation for a biopharma company

  • Growth Strategy & Business Model for a MedTech business

  • Due Diligence in early stage biotech/ drug discovery

  • Technology integration for MedTech & Pharma manufacturer


  • Investments

  • Corporate & Growth Strategy

  • Business & Digital Transformation

  • Performance Improvement 

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