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Management consulting & leadership search experts with nearly 2 decades of international experience in consulting incredibly successful companies- unparalleled skillsets and subject matter expertise to hire leadership professionals across major sectors

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As one of top executive search firms in India, Arete Ventures helps recruit extraordinary leaders in US, UK, Europe, and Asia Pacific (APAC) region for more than a decade. Proven search strategies, global network and deep industry knowledge have consistently enabled our global clients in hiring world class leaders to their organizations through our San Francisco & Mumbai offices. Arete recruitment strategies are custom made to client specific objectives and implemented carefully to ensure the desired outcome. Ranking globally amongst best executive headhunters, we specialize in leadership search for CFO, CHRO, CXO, CTO, CIO and CSO positions to name a few. We are also one of the exclusive board member search firms with influential leadership connect across major sectors globally. 

Clients prefer retained search firms for critical leadership hiring when time and confidentiality are of utmost importance.  Leadership hiring has an impact on the team, company success as well as in identifying new market trends and opportunities. . Retained search is suited for new or emerging roles that are complex and need niche consulting expertise from senior level executive search firms. Our retained search consultants guide them with curated leadership insights as well as competitive intelligence within the same sector. Retained search ensures successful outcomes for client and candidates both. It helps demonstrate to candidates how serious the company is in hiring the right C Level executive or board member or board of directors.

Arete executive search team believes in building long term relationships with clients as well as outstanding candidates that are looking to grow their careers and contribute to the company’s success. Hiring senior executive teams or board members to the organization is not an easy task since the margin of error is too thin. It can have a significant impact on the company and can be an expensive mistake. 

Our senior level recruitment consultants in India and US have designed out of the box and innovative recruitment processes from years of international leadership hiring experience in niche sectors like Data Science & Analytics, FinTech, Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital (VC), Hedge Funds, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Engineering, Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Consumer Products & Services (FMCG) & Renewable Energy.  Consistently ranked amongst the best recruitment firms in India, our retained search practice has evolved from successful talent acquisition practices in Silicon Valley , Wall Street and rest of USA. It is this incredibly valuable executive recruitment experience that helps us find accomplished leaders for your organization from anywhere in the world. Dynamically talented candidates are meticulously assessed to understand their leadership style, competitive knowledge of the sector, growth strategies, and other critical KPIs that are integral to your company’s future growth and success.

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Growth and success of an organization are dependent on the leader– its important to get it right on the first time and hire a talent that can navigate company through ups and downs both

Arete search partners work closely with clients in understanding their key objectives to discover dynamic leaders best suited for long term success. Search methodologies are custom tailored for your organization and unlike contingency recruitment, we operate on an exclusive retainer basis. Our dedicated subject matter experts and practice heads work closely with key decision makers like HR Heads, Board and Management teams of the organization throughout the course of the assignment. ​


Sector specific domain expertise coupled with global outreach and deep industry connections provides phenomenal depth to our niche recruitment process. We have some of the best headhunters in India, San Francisco and New York which enables us in hiring outstanding leaders or finding top talent from anywhere in the world best suited to your organizational objectives.

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Transparent and engaging discussions – both with client and candidates

Newly created or growth based startups often need to build leadership teams with unique skillsets that are rare and extraordinary. Along with it, a determined attitude has to be an intrinsic part of the candidate’s DNA to overcome the hurdles of turning an innovative idea into a successful business. Medium scale or fast growing corporate business on the other hand might need a leadership professional that could dictate entirely different personality traits, sector experience and other eligibility criteria. At Arete, we understand these subtle hiring differences that should align well with startup company’s vision it entails. We specialize and excel with executive recruitment in India for startups and have assisted several Edutech, Fintech, Neo banking and FMCG startups.

Successful talent acquisition assignments in startup capital of the world like San Francisco Bay Area for corporates or tech companies, has equipped us with innovative recruitment strategies to hire world class leaders. We incorporate the growth stage a company is currently in, their work culture and business philosophies to devise a talent search strategy. Strategies are further curated to match qualified candidates that resonate with company's overall hiring objectives for that critical position. ​As a leading executive search firms in Mumbai, we have recruited for senior level positions in niche areas like Artificial Intelligence, Block Chain, Data Science & Analytics, Machine Learning, and Quantitative Finance.


Beyond Resumes 

Leaders today have to focus not only on developing borderless organizations that are product as well as customer centric but also on building teams that are looking into the future and evolving with new ideas.

Arete’s global team of executive search consultants and industry experts have successfully raised investment capital, built and managed profitable businesses in Bay Area (California), Europe, & Asia Pacific. They have also served on Advisory board for private equity, investment firms and renewable energy companies in USA. Proven leadership experience in a competitive market like Silicon Valley, managing global teams in culturally diverse geographies positions us well in understanding dynamics of hiring critical leadership positions.

 It's one of the many competitive advantages we possess which sets us apart from other executive search companies in India. We leverage our core expertize with innovative assessment techniques to benefit our clients in successfully hiring exceptional leaders.

​Looking to recruit international talent into India or expand globally and need one of top recruitment consulting firms in India with global presence ? Arete Ventures has proven experience with global talent acquisition strategies and candidate search including assistance with immigration laws & background checks. 

​From domestic to international recruitment, as one of the best executive recruitment agencies in Mumbai & San Francisco, we possess significant recruitment expertise in hiring senior executives and leaders.

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