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Consulting Firms in India

Arete Ventures is one of the top investment research, advisory and strategy consulting firms in Mumbai, India and San Francisco, USA offering investment research and boutique consulting services regularly to Wall Street & Silicon Valley firms along with our global clientele.

We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while ideating concepts, developing effective strategies, and designing high quality scalable solutions.


Our vision entails planning, developing, and executing strategically innovative solutions aligned with the client’s growth and success


Arete Ventures is built on the foundations of raising investment capital, managing technology, chemical and renewable energy businesses in North America with deep operational expertise.


In the last 2 decades, Arete Ventures has scaled multiple tech startups in San Francisco Bay Area, created successful business turnaround of idle, foreclosed or Chapter 11 assets and involved in strategic mergers & acquisitions for PE firm (buy side) in San Francisco.


Our nearly 2 decades of global expertize in USA, Europe & APAC region has immensely helped entrepreneurs, seasoned executives, and investment firms with quantifiable successes.



Successfully worked with elite clients across the globe



Where you will find the same quality of service and dedication around the world



Making us one of the credible consulting companies around the globe


Private Equity & Venture Capital Consulting

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Investments that help address real world challenges while creating enterprise value for stakeholders

We accelerate innovation and growth through proprietary investment research, due diligence and international operational expertize

M&A Advisory Firm

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

From buying a successful start up to medium and large scale companies in Tech, AI, Science & Engineering sector to foreclosed/idled assets (Chapter 11) in USA, Europe, APAC and MENA

Learn more about our global M&A expertise, particularly in North America region by clicking the link below

Performance Improvement Consulting

Performance Improvement

Company specific optimization and Improvement programs leveraging upon global expertize in various industries and functional programs


Learn more about our expertize in Manufacturing and  Operations by clicking on the link below

Strategy Consulting Firm in India & USA


Competitive investments, business and growth strategies using uniquely curated actionable insights 

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Startup & Small Business Consultant India

Startup & Small Business Consultants in India, USA & Europe

Having built successful startups in San Francisco Bay Area as a founding member and raised investment capital, Arete Ventures is one of the few firms across the globe that has practical expertise in raising capital as well as scaling the startups successfully with planned exit strategies.

Leveraging upon this deep startup experience, we have successfully consulted startups, small and medium scale (SME) businesses in Europe, APAC, North America and India. As one of the leading small business consultants in India & USA, we help small businesses address critical pain points like international growth, strategy, revenues, cashflow and working capital management. We have assisted several small businesses from E-Commerce, FMCG, Biotech, Food Tech, AI & Engineering sectors in improving profit margins, optimizing cash flow, creating global opportunities, building lean company, outsourcing bookkeeping, accounting or sales teams and digital marketing initiatives. Proven result oriented strategies with repeated success internationally are bound to create a positive impact on your business venture in a shortest possible timeframe compared to consulting firms like MBB which are very expensive and may also not have the startup or small business consulting expertize to serve your company’s needs.

Seed, Angel or VC investor backed startups creatively address real world challenges on the backbone of technology advancements and innovation. In the process of growing the business idea, they sometimes miss out focusing on key aspects like valuations and exit strategies. Our startup consulting services have maintained a key focus on valuation and growth aspects so that entrepreneurs can continue working on other key areas. To help startup entrepreneurs further succeed, we offer boutique consulting & advisory services in niche areas such as concept ideation, pitch deck, negotiating term sheets, convertible notes (SAFE), voting rights, nominating board members, capital raise strategy for angel, seed or series funding and ESOP structure to attract the best talent.

In the last few years, we have assisted more than 50+ startups in Europe, USA & APAC in EdTech, Artificial Intelligence, SaaS, Robotics, Nano biosciences, Health Care, Renewable Sciences like Biofuels, Bioplastics, Biofertilizers, Solar, Food Tech, Media & Entertainment, FMCG and Engineering. 

Arete Ventures also proudly serves as a mentor, advisor and on the jury boards of investment firms and accelerator programs in USA, Europe & Singapore.

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