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Enhancing opportunity potential through actionable investment strategies that accelerate enterprise values and growth

Private Equity Consulting

Arete Ventures


Arete Ventures is a boutique investment & institutional advisory firm in United States and India offering custom curated strategy consulting services to Wall Street & Silicon Valley firms since 2006

We partner with our institutional clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while ideating concepts, developing niche strategies, and designing high quality scalable solutions.

Arete Ventures is built on robust foundations of raising investment capital and managing businesses in North America with deep operational as well as performance improvement expertise. 

Our track record includes new ventures as well as M&A investments working with general partners or limited partners at pension funds, family offices, hedge funds, private equity & venture capital firms.


Scaling VC backed startups in San Francisco Bay Area and successful business turnarounds of chapter 11 or distressed assets for PE firms has strengthened our value creation expertise in enhancing TVPI/ EV

Sector agnostic approach has helped decision makers in FinTech, AI, 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, EdTech, Electric Vehicles, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Climate Tech & Renewable Energy


We have assisted numerous clients in traditional as well as emerging sectors with a successful track record. 


Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, IoT Devices, Supercomputing, Additive Manufacturing, Sodium Ion Batteries, EV Charging Infrastructure, Carbon Capture, Green Hydrogen, Carbon Credits, Biofuels, Gene Therapy, Drug Discovery & more


Fund strategy. Enterprise values. TVPI. ESG Investing

One of the top private equity consulting firms for portfolio growth, commercial due diligence & operational consulting – private equity consultants have been working for last 16 years closely with PE fund managers & partners in US & Europe across major sectors

Arete Venture capital consultants accelerate innovation and growth through proprietary investment research, due diligence, and business scaleup expertise. ​


Click below to learn why we are one of the best private equity & venture capital consulting firms



Grow. Compete. Thrive

Unparalleled business and value based growth strategies delivering superior investment returns in a decarbonizing economy for investors and key decision makers. Learn about our core competencies and what makes us one of the boutique strategy consulting firms by clicking on the link below.



Business Transformation. Cost Optimization. Turnaround 

Company specific optimization and improvement strategies capitalizing our proven experience in various industries and functional programs.

Become a lighthouse facility by leveraging critical fourth industrial revolution (4IR) tools like AI, Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) & Quantum Computing. Explore our operational excellence capabilities by clicking on the link below.



Strategic Due Diligence. Competitive Intelligence. Value Drivers

From late stage startups to established businesses and non-performing assets, our M& A advisory experience runs deep in US markets. Learn how our M&A expertise, benefitted financial institutions and corporates by clicking the link below


What Separates Us

Strategic Synthesis

In an era driven by analytics and 4th industrial revolution, strategically synthesizing vast expanse of data and trends to strengthen the business or investments is of paramount importance. Our critical thinking approach to data driven complex projects helps achieve client’s key priorities while boosting enterprise values from digital transformation

​Success of an investment thesis hinges on adapting to the project dynamics by doing what it entails. At Arete Ventures, flexibility and humility are part of our work ethos. It has consistently helped us discover strategies and trends that have generated exceptional returns and competitive advantage for our clients

Working With The Decision Makers Globally







Where We Excel

Global Expertize

More than 15 years of experience across US, Europe & Asia Pacific in Investments, M&A, Growth Strategy, Operational Consulting & Business Transformation. Project approach may be global, but execution strategies incorporate local nuances wherever its beneficial. Think global, Act Local.

Diverse Sectors
IoT, Metaverse, Generative AI, FinTech, FMCG, Engineering, Life Sciences & Renewable Energy. From startups, small businesses, corporate MNCs to investment firms, we have consulted across emerging as well as conventional sectors accomplishing client objectives 

Quick Turnaround

Our strategy consulting teams are well equipped with data that enables them to generate actionable insights quickly which helps our clients in taking well informed decisions backed by our proven expertise. 

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