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With 15+ years’ experience in raising capital and building multiple tech startups, we are one of the few providing in USA, Europe, and Asia Pacific region.We consult startups in developing a capital investment strategy and other areas where efforts are needed to stay competitive and focused.


Self-funded or investment backed startups creatively address real world challenges on the backbone of disruptive technologies and innovation. During its inception, startup entrepreneurs devote time and efforts primarily towards creating a minimum viable product (MVP), scaling the product or service, and overcoming the challenges of growing the business idea.Selective focus in prioritizing objectives towards building customer base and revenues, often causes them to miss out on valuation and exit strategies.


Arete Ventures enables these dynamic and often young entrepreneurs in charting the path forward while they continue their focus on other key areas. We curate and implement robust business strategies in their early stages which maximizes valuation thus creating far better enterprise values for investors and founders both.

Business startup consultants in India

Upon raising initial capital, Startups are well aware that the odds are against them until they prove it otherwise. Becoming a Unicorn and going beyond it remains an endeavor of every entrepreneur leading the startup.

Our professional experience in building as well as consulting several innovative startups globally, we have witnessed a common pain point that aches many startups – unoptimized fiscal spending. In the process of acquiring customers and achieving multiple KPIs, they end up spending more money than they should have; thus, learning things hard way.

To help startup succeed further, we offer startup advisory services in concept ideation, pitch deck, negotiating term sheets, convertible notes (SAFE), voting rights, nominating board members, investment capital raise strategy for angel, seed or series funding and ESOP structure to attract the best talent.

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Startups often fail due to uncontrolled spending, or ineffective business model.

We assist startups in developing a globally proven capital investment strategy that keeps you focused and helps you succeed!

Our startup consultants in Mumbai dedicate their efforts exclusively on areas critical to your company’s success – thus filling the gaps and keeping you competitive. Capitalizing on our global operational and business expertise, numerous startups from various countries have benefited from our custom made financial models that assisted them in achieving their key objectives. Innovative business models emphasized on maximizing growth and optimize capital spending through our access to global markets and deep industry specific expertise in various sectors. 

As one of the best startup consulting firms in India, Arete firmly believes in creating a lean startup that investors as well entrepreneurs would be proud of. Proven results with repeated success internationally are bound to create a positive impact in a shortest possible timeframe.

Our startup advisors in India and US have advised more than 50+ innovative startups across Europe, USA & APAC in Healthcare, Lifesciences, AI, FinTech, EdTech, E-commerce, FMCG, Biofuels, Bioplastics and Renewable Energy. Arete Ventures also proudly serves as a mentor, advisor and on the jury boards of investment firms and accelerator programs in USA, Europe & Singapore. 

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Indian micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) sector contributes nearly 30% to the Indian GDP and 45% of overall exports. Registered MSME’s in 2020 grew at 18% CAGR with government doubling the budget allocation to MSME growth from $1.3 Billion for 2020-2021 fiscal year to $2.14 Billion for 2021-2022 

With successful business experience in Silicon Valley, rest of USA & Europe, Arete Ventures is one of the few small business consulting firms in India that has global operational expertise in taking small businesses to next level. We have been successfully consulting small and medium (SME) businesses at various growth stages in India, United States and Europe.

In an era driven by globalization and tech innovation, small businesses can benefit immensely in increasing business outreach with better profit margins. To achieve this, they need deeper understanding and quick access to digital technologies that can propel business efficiencies as well as rapid growth.

At Arete Ventures, we address critical pain points by providing small business consulting services like evaluating business model and go to market strategy to competitive intelligence, digital transformation, social media and pricing strategy. Our dedicated small business consultants in Mumbai and San Francisco offices have consulted small and medium businesses across major sectors. to like international growth, strategy, revenues, cashflow and working capital management.

Another key area where we excel is in creating outstanding value proposition models for our clients. We position brands of our customers that differentiates them from competitors, helps build trust amongst their customers and offer a strong product or service that is desirable in the markets they operate in. Our value proposition models have helped small businesses bring internal teams on same page, understand competition and key objectives to success, expand in new markets and identify opportunities to improve business efficiencies.

We ensure continued growth and success of our small business customers by helping them optimize cash flow, improve profit margins and working capital management strategies. Our financial planning and analysis experience includes full execution strategies that are implemented by our small business consultants with quantifiable deliverables.

We created unique value proposition models by helping raise money, create robust financial models, improve profit margins, optimize cash flow, business development and digital marketing strategies. Compared to consulting firms like MBB which are  expensive and may also not have the startup or small business consulting expertize to serve your company’s needs.

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