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Startups - Small Business Strategy

Our small business strategy consulting teams focus and deliver on what matters most to small business owners – cash flow management, digital transformation and a profitable growth strategy which helps them expand globally.

Small Business Strategy Consultant

Small businesses contribute nearly 43% to the US GDP and account for 65% of all jobs out there, yet nearly 50% of these small and medium businesses (SMB) fail within the first five years. Key reasons for failures include persistent working capital or cash flow crunch, inadequate management teams, inventory mismanagement, non-competitive business planning and lacking growth strategies.

With 15 years of successful experience scaling businesses in San Francisco Bay Area & rest of USA, Arete Ventures is one of the few small business consulting firms that possesses excellent sector agnostic operational expertise in taking small businesses to next level. Our small business growth consulting teams have advised more than 80+ small and medium (SME) businesses at various growth stages by creating free cash flow and profitable enterprises in shortest possible timeframe. This is largely possible due to our superior inhouse capabilities and round the clock industry engagements across all major sectors working closely with senior leadership teams or investment firms. Collectively, it provides us with extremely valuable and proprietary data insights that precisely help understand the market dynamics, business landscape and competitive intelligence which we ultimately utilize in creating robust business strategies that propel growth and profitability together. We help you quickly take informed decisions backed by our validated strategies and demonstrated track record of success. 

In an era driven by globalization and digital transformation, we help small businesses expand globally with better profit margins by developing and implementing a digital strategy that is repeatedly proven and validated thus eliminating the fear or risk of unknowns. From business or industrial automation tools and softwares based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to cloud services, our digital strategies provide excellent returns on investments and improve operational efficiencies, employee productivity as well as rapid business growth.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D Printing, Quantum Computing, Robotics, FinTech, E-commerce

Another key area where we excel is in creating outstanding value proposition models for our clients. We position brands of our customers that differentiates them from competitors, helps build trust amongst their customers and offer a strong product or service that is desirable in the markets they operate in. Our value proposition models have helped small businesses bring internal teams on same page, understand competition & key objectives to success, expand in new markets and identify lucrative business opportunities. 

Our financial planning and analysis experience includes end to end execution strategies that optimizes your cash flows, working capital management, revenue growth and enhance profit margins.

Small Business Consulting Services

At Arete Ventures, our customer-centric small business management consulting experts address your critical priorities like financial planning & analysis, validating business models, HR consulting, go to market (GTM) or digital strategy leveraging our deep industry experience that is globally proven. Arete’s dedicated small business consultants in San Francisco & Mumbai offices have globally worked across conventional as well as emerging sectors


End to end finance, business and growth strategies creating cash flow positive enterprises with high profit margins


Improve business efficiencies, human resources and employee productivity through digital transformation and operational improvements.

Business Model

From creating market differentiators to unique value proposition, we create and validate business models that lead to high monetization opportunities

Startup Consulting Firms

Arete Ventures provides strategy consulting for startups across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific region. 15+ years of hands on experience raising venture capital and building multiple startups in Silicon Valley has been instrumental in enabling the success of our clients. Senior partners at our firm serve on the advisory and jury board of venture capital firms & accelerators in San Francisco Bay Area, UK and Europe across all emerging sectors. From Seed stage to Series C and beyond, we consult startups globally in developing capital investment strategies, operations, growth, business model validation, achieving valuation milestones and other areas where efforts are needed to stay competitive and grow profitably in this rising interest rate environment.


Whether self-funded or investor backed, startups creatively address real world challenges on the backbone of disruptive technologies and innovation. During its inception, startup entrepreneurs devote time and efforts primarily towards creating a minimum viable product (MVP), scaling the product or service, and overcoming the challenges of growing the business idea. Selective focus in prioritizing objectives towards building customer base and revenues, often causes them to miss out on valuation and exit strategies.


Arete’s startup business consulting services enables these dynamic and often young entrepreneurs in charting the path forward while they continue their focus on other key areas. We curate and implement robust business strategies in their early stages which maximizes valuation thus creating far better enterprise values for investors and founders both.


"Upon raising initial capital, Startups are well aware that the odds are against them until they prove it otherwise. Becoming a Unicorn and going beyond it remains an endeavor of every entrepreneur leading the startup."

Our professional experience in scaling as well as advising several innovative startups globally, has helped witness a common pain point that aches many startups – unoptimized fiscal spending. In the process of acquiring customers and achieving multiple KPIs, they end up spending more money than they should have. Thus, sometimes learning things the hard way. 

Niche services like concept ideation, pitch deck, negotiating term sheets, convertible notes (SAFE), voting rights, nominating board members, investment capital raise strategy for angel, seed or series funding and ESOP structure differentiates us from other startup advisory firms. 

Arete's business startup consultant dedicates their efforts exclusively on areas critical to your company’s success – thus filling the gaps and keeping you competitive. With a deep startup ecosystem expertise comprising investments, growth, and operations, we build custom made financial models and business plans that helps you accomplish the objectives for the particular fund raising round that they are vying for. Innovative business models curated by our highly experienced startup experts emphasize on maximizing growth and optimize capital spending by leveraging our access to global markets and deep industry specific expertise. 

As one of the best startup consulting firms in US, Arete Ventures firmly believes in creating lean startups that investors as well as entrepreneurs would be proud of. Proven track record with repeated success internationally are bound to create a positive impact in a shortest possible timeframe. Our startup advisors have advised more than 100+ innovative startups across Europe, US & APAC in Industrial Automation, Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Healthcare, Lifesciences, FinTech, EdTech, E-commerce, Engineering, ESG, Climate Tech, Biofuels and Renewable Energy.

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Startup Advisory Services

  • Transaction Advisory: Valuations & Term Sheets

  • Financial Modeling & Analysis

  • Business Model Validation

  • Go To Market (GTM) Strategy

  • Concept Ideation & Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Intellectual Property

  • Business Plan & Pitch Deck

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